How AI Can Scale Your Business

Dawn Andrews, CEO of Free Range Thinking, is a celebrated business strategist and leadership coach, working with figures like Maria Shriver and leading major projects. Her expertise in strategy, communication, and leadership has propelled clients from diverse fields to global acclaim. Passionate about female empowerment, she hosts the My Good Woman podcast and is the founder of FMxLA, The Female Leadership Accelerator.

Is SAG-AFTRA the Answer?

Shaine is the Manager of Contract Strategic Initiatives & Podcasts at SAG-AFTRA and comes to this work with a real passion for how talent and advertisers are navigating new and emerging platforms. She spent many years exploring how influencers and SAG-AFTRA intersect and was instrumental in the development of the Influencer Agreement, which she now also administers. Shaine brings to her work experience in labor organizing, community organizing and business affairs.


Jessy Grossman is a long time entrepreneur in the digital media space. She’s passionate about supporting women in business and being at the forefront of innovation. She’s been quoted in Forbes and was awarded a spot in the “Influencer Top 50” by Talking Influence. In less than two years she created one of the fastest growing talent agencies in the country. Amidst unprecedented growth, she sold the multi-six-figure agency and pivoted to focus on her long-time passion project: Women in Influencer Marketing (better known as WIIM). Founded in 2017, today WIIM is the premiere professional organization for those who work with influencers. The community offers networking and new business opportunities, career services, continuous education and more. Jessy also does consulting, advising and influencer marketing recruiting with her company Tribe Monday. You can find inspiring stories and more about Jessy on the WIIM Podcast. Check out iamwiim.com and tribemonday.com for more information.

AI is a Game Changer (so why aren’t we using it)?

Steph Martin is brand marketing leader with an expertise in influencers, partnerships, and brand strategy. Her decade of experience spans industries with an integrated approach to talent, media, entertainment, and brand partnerships. Steph began her career on the agency side activating influencer campaigns for brands like Walmart, Sephora, Warner Brothers, and Verizon before transitioning to in-house roles at ThirdLove and Hims & Hims to establish brand marketing programs. Her specialties include building brand activation strategies and leveraging partnerships to grow emerging companies into beloved household names.

Pitching Partnerships

Nicole Kasper, as a co-founder and the Head of Management, brings a wealth of experience from the music and entertainment industry. Graduating from UCLA in 2014, her career has spanned various sectors including A&R, booking, and management, with roles at Universal Music Group, Live Nation, Clear Channel Radio, Creative Artists Agency, Big Machine Label Group, and Warehouse West Entertainment.

Start Ups & Influencers

Based in NYC, Lauren began her career in customer experience at Rent the Runway. After realizing she wanted to shift her focus towards Marketing, particularly within the Influencer Marketing and Community Engagement space. For over 6 years, Lauren has worked in-house with brands like Otherland & United Sodas. Working as a one-woman team, she has built & scaled Influencer & UGC Content Creator Programs, engaged via social as the brand voice, and teamed up on some fun influencer and co-branded activations.

How to Succeed at Freelancing in the Creator Economy

Katie Stoller is an influencer marketing veteran. She began her career in 2009 in Los Angeles working in fashion PR, dressing A list celebrities and working celebrity gifting suites at award shows. She then moved home to Chicago where she had a decade-long career working at top global PR agencies (Ogilvy, Ketchum and Golin).

She then led the influencer marketing team at Fiat Growth, a fintech growth consultancy working closely with affiliate and performance marketing teams.

In 2023, she transitioned to being an independent marketing consultant for businesses and talent.

She also launched her education company, influencerinsiderguide.com where she puts out valuable resources for those in the influencer marketing industry.

Katie is a member and mentor with WIIM as well as a mentor for DePaul University students.

Creators’ Attorney Explains How Creators Can Make Big Money

Tyler Chou is the Creators’ Attorney, who started a YouTube channel called Tyler Chou The Creators’ Attorney (formerly The Hollywood Attorney) and quickly grew to 20,000 subs within 3 months. She is currently and absolutely living her dream life. She founded her own law firm (Tyler Chou Law for Creators) where she works all day long with creators, helping them build out their businesses, using YouTube as their creativity incubator but also the marketing arm of their business. She is more than an attorney—she is her clients’ confidante, coach and biggest cheerleader.

Influencer Marketing Outside the US

Gordon Glenister is an international influencer marketing expert. He set up the influence division of the Branded Content Marketing Association, has a best selling book aptly named influencer marketing strategy and hosts no less than 3 podcasts most notable is the Influence Global podcast. He has his own successful influencer marketing program which is designed to help business owners and leaders become subject matter experts and elevate their personal brand. He is also entrenched in the membership sector too running Membership World a community of association and membership professionals. You can find more at www.gordonglenister.com and you can follow him on all social platforms.

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