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Today we’re speaking with Seema Tilak, an IP lawyer, and founder at Create LLP and Bianca Ker the Managing Director of EMEA at Tagger Media

In this event, they discuss the increasing integration of AI in influencer marketing. They explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of using AI for content creation, highlighting the importance of authenticity and the unique storytelling abilities of humans. They also touch upon the legal implications of AI, such as personal rights issues. They conclude by expressing their excitement for the future of AI in influencer marketing while acknowledging the potential challenges that may arise. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of influencer marketing and the role of AI.

Reality TV Influencers

Courtney Bagby Lupilin, the CEO and Founder of Little Red Management, is the go-to talent manager for reality TV stars from shows on ABC, CBS, MTV and Netflix including The Bachelor Franchise, Big Brother, Love is Blind, and the Circle. A true fangirl turned entrepreneur, Courtney merged her passion for reality television with her acumen for advertising, communications, and digital media honed at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She began her career in the corporate sector at Oracle in San Francisco, managing internal communications and events. But a yearning for the celebrity side of influencer marketing led her to Los Angeles where she diligently volunteered her time and built relationships within the reality TV world before taking the bold leap to launch Little Red Management in 2019 at the young age of 25. Courtney’s approach to influencer and celebrity brand management is rooted in her extensive knowledge of pop culture, her ability to foster impactful brand and talent relationships, and her unwavering commitment to helping her clients achieve their dreams. Courtney has activated partnerships for huge brands including Disney, FOX, Hallmark, Nike, Adidas, Amazon, Dove, Lancome and more. Her passion for pop culture has been reinforced through her travels around the world, where she has discovered that music, TV shows, sports, and movies are the universal language that connects people from all walks of life. Courtney currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Kajabi Communities

Teri Yu is a repeat founder who raised $2.5M+ and successfully sold her company Vibely to creator powerhouse Kajabi. She has deep product & sales expertise from experiences at Asana and Microsoft. Teri was also previously a viral YouTube creator.

Social Listening

Kate Kenner Archibald is a seasoned international marketing executive with 15 years of experience in beauty marketing and technology. Kate advanced her career at the Estée Lauder Companies, contributing to the success of brands such as Tom Ford Beauty, Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder and La Mer. In 2021, Kate joined Dash Hudson as Vice President of Product Marketing, later becoming Chief Marketing Officer in 2022 to better align product positioning and marketing strategies for the company. Kate resides in New York City with her family and enjoys outdoor activities in the Hudson Valley.

Experiencing churn? Here are 4 tips to retaining clients.

Regardless of what you do or where you work, you have clients. They could be internal stakeholders, managers or supervisors, cross-functional team, or those that are paying the bills — but regardless, you likely have some sort of “client” that you need to foster and maintain relationships with.

Livestream Shopping: The Next Add-To-Cart Frontier

Shopping looks a little different online. The lighting is objectively better and the dressing rooms (for the most part) are less traumatizing in the comfort of your home. By replacing the polite banter with a kind, witty shop assistant, you’re conversing with the famed face of your favorite channel (YouTube not cable). Finding yourself tuned […]

Your Huge Dose of News

Today I’m going to give you a down and dirty quick recap of the week’s top social media and influencer marketing news. So you no longer have to apply to 20 different newsletters and follow multiple Twitter streams. Today you can get all your new stories in one area. I’m giving you the big ones […]

How To Optimize Your Short-Form Video Content: TikTok vs. Reels

Short-form video is at its feed-filling height right now. A conversation-starter, superbly-shared medium unlike any other of the moment. But what divides TikTok output from your Reels routines? Keep reading. TikTok is an image-recognition wizardThe TikTok algorithm intimately knows what we love and love-to-hate to watch. Beyond the cookies filling your cache, the AI-behind it […]

Creator Monetization

Let me in on something you may not catch from a quick look at my LinkedIn. I have jumped from freelance, to corporate work, then back freelance, and again to corporate work, then back to freelance all over again. In 2020, I consciously selected to go back to freelance work as the pandemic left open full-time positions few and far between.

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