Discovering your Style of Leadership

Listen to the live podcast version of this story Jessy Grossman: What is up everybody? I am so excited and pumped. It’s a new week. I don’t know why I’m so excited but I genuinely am. I think it’s because we’re launching a lot of new things with WIIM. We’ll be announcing that sometime soon. […]

Influencer Tech, Podcasts, and Clubhouse

It’s Women’s History Month, guys. Isn’t that exciting. This is a month that we look forward to every year, it’s a month that we get to celebrate how awesome we are, which is always really fun. And we’re coming off a Black History Month. So there’s lots to celebrate. We also have a few upcoming events, I always want to do a roundup of those. So first and foremost, our website is where everything is (you’re here!). So of course you can go to www.iamwiim/events and you could check out the whole lineup yourself. 

Automate Your Life

So the topic that I want to chat with you about today is Automation. Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or you work for a huge company, you may also be passionate about automating (or intrigued by it!). The people on your team should be doing the higher level work NOT the work that automations can do. And if they are doing this basic, nitty-gritty type work, I think IMHO, you’re doing things wrong. So I’m going to walk you through some things that I have found work for my business. These tactics will stretch your bottom line and protect your time so you’re never doing menial tasks. You shouldn’t be hiring people to be doing those either. 

The Music Industry, NFTs and Leaps of Faith

So of course, we’re talking about influencer marketing but this week, we’re looking at it through the scope of the music industry. So Amy has been with WIIM since we had about 200 people in our Facebook community. That was a long time ago. She’s been with us since and more or less the beginning. And that shows you how long she’s been in the influencer space. So she’ll tell you, in her own words, how she got to Roc Nation, which is, you know, this incredible company, they partner with all of the, you know, a list celebrities, and the music industry is all about influence and influential people. So it was a really interesting conversation.

Using Influence to Educate and Inform

Being a lifestyle influencer now means much more than just being stylish or promoting the things you love. Brands can no longer rely on the merits of simply producing a good product. Nor can corporations stay above the fray when taking a stance on social and political causes through their corporate values, messaging, marketing, and actions.