How To Optimize Your Short-Form Video Content: TikTok vs. Reels

Short-form video is at its feed-filling height right now. A conversation-starter, superbly-shared medium unlike any other of the moment. But what divides TikTok output from your Reels routines? Keep reading. TikTok is an image-recognition wizardThe TikTok algorithm intimately knows what we love and love-to-hate to watch. Beyond the cookies filling your cache, the AI-behind it […]

Creator Monetization

Let me in on something you may not catch from a quick look at my LinkedIn. I have jumped from freelance, to corporate work, then back freelance, and again to corporate work, then back to freelance all over again. In 2020, I consciously selected to go back to freelance work as the pandemic left open full-time positions few and far between.

Web3 & the Creator Economy

Honestly, I’ve been talking about how I have become obsessed with all things: web3 Metaverse, crypto, NFT. Like, I am eating this shit up. So I have been reaching out to a variety of different people, asking to get more women specifically who are knowledgeable about these areas to come on to this podcast and […]

Social Audio Gets Competitive

There have been a lot of developments in terms of new platforms in the social audio space. It’s getting a little competitive, which I love. I think it’s so cool. I mean, let’s think back when TikTok came on the scene, no longer musically and has legitimately changed social media, possibly forever. It’s the coolest thing. I love seeing somebody come out the gates and sort of like kick everybody in the rear end to get their act together. I think it’s wonderful to have competition. And it’s doing nobody favors to have Instagram and YouTube just be like the top two and such a monopoly.

Who We Allow to Succeed

Denise Hewitt is the founder of Scriptd. So Scriptd is a digital screenplay marketplace working to scale inclusion in Hollywood. She comes from the world of entertainment, fashion, nightlife. She started her career as the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Famed Nightclub. The Box y’all she worked from a box if anyone lives in New York and knows the box, it’s wild. I think it’s the coolest thing and she worked with them. She also worked for cultural trailblazers guys like Patricia Field which is from Sex to the City, Ugly Betty, Marvin Jarrett from Nylon, Courtney Love, Tyra Banks and so many people.

Influencer Tech Predictions

Today we are chatting with Brit Starr, who’s the SVP at Tribe Dynamics, and she’s actually been with them for about four years now. So Tribe Dynamics, they’re the most comprehensive influencer marketing analytics platform for iconic lifestyle brands. They’ve worked with the likes of Gucci, Benefit, ColourPop, boohoo, Sephora. And what I actually find pretty unique about them on G2, a really cool website, they were voted the number one easiest to use influencer marketing platform. I appreciate that on their website, when you check it out, it really is all about the analytics, and we dive into that in today’s conversation. But anyways, a little bit more about Brit. One of the fun facts about her is that she hosts workshops for leadership and management teams at brands of all different sizes. And she actually said this was her favorite part of her job. And you’ll definitely get a sense of that as you listen to this week’s chat.

Is the NYT Right About Fohr’s AMP

This is going to be a particularly interesting post. So as a little bit of backstory, we were doing a Clubhouse room about two weeks ago from when this episode is going live called Breaking News in Influencer Marketing. We had a great panel, we always do. We were talking about newsworthy topics from the last week or so. One of the topics was this New York Times article that came out about Fohr, and about one of their newest offerings. There was certainly commentary about all of it and there were questions (and there were pretty strong opinions). That’s what WIIM is most known for: opinionated women. So I love it. I love it all.

Discovering your Style of Leadership

Listen to the live podcast version of this story Jessy Grossman: What is up everybody? I am so excited and pumped. It’s a new week. I don’t know why I’m so excited but I genuinely am. I think it’s because we’re launching a lot of new things with WIIM. We’ll be announcing that sometime soon. […]

Influencer Tech, Podcasts, and Clubhouse

It’s Women’s History Month, guys. Isn’t that exciting. This is a month that we look forward to every year, it’s a month that we get to celebrate how awesome we are, which is always really fun. And we’re coming off a Black History Month. So there’s lots to celebrate. We also have a few upcoming events, I always want to do a roundup of those. So first and foremost, our website is where everything is (you’re here!). So of course you can go to www.iamwiim/events and you could check out the whole lineup yourself. 

Automate Your Life

So the topic that I want to chat with you about today is Automation. Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or you work for a huge company, you may also be passionate about automating (or intrigued by it!). The people on your team should be doing the higher level work NOT the work that automations can do. And if they are doing this basic, nitty-gritty type work, I think IMHO, you’re doing things wrong. So I’m going to walk you through some things that I have found work for my business. These tactics will stretch your bottom line and protect your time so you’re never doing menial tasks. You shouldn’t be hiring people to be doing those either. 

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