Social Audio Gets Competitive

There have been a lot of developments in terms of new platforms in the social audio space. It’s getting a little competitive, which I love. I think it’s so cool. I mean, let’s think back when TikTok came on the scene, no longer musically and has legitimately changed social media, possibly forever. It’s the coolest thing. I love seeing somebody come out the gates and sort of like kick everybody in the rear end to get their act together. I think it’s wonderful to have competition. And it’s doing nobody favors to have Instagram and YouTube just be like the top two and such a monopoly.

Instagram Shares Its Secrets

First and foremost, definitely make sure that you’re following at creator on Instagram. I love that they don’t refer to them as influencers but they are creators of good choice, Instagram. And they went live on three separate days, three separate conversations and really had a level of transparency that I have not seen Instagram share and maybe ever. And so I’ve had subsequent conversations with people about like, what’s that all about?

Automate Your Life

So the topic that I want to chat with you about today is Automation. Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or you work for a huge company, you may also be passionate about automating (or intrigued by it!). The people on your team should be doing the higher level work NOT the work that automations can do. And if they are doing this basic, nitty-gritty type work, I think IMHO, you’re doing things wrong. So I’m going to walk you through some things that I have found work for my business. These tactics will stretch your bottom line and protect your time so you’re never doing menial tasks. You shouldn’t be hiring people to be doing those either. 

I Failed This Week

Alright guys, so I am coming here today to talk about the realities, the wins, the failures, and everything in between, about being a small business owner. You are going to get a real dose of reality today. So yeah, real talk number one. I think a lot of small business owners entrepreneurs experience that is not spoken about enough, failure. Guys, this is like a number… like life is a numbers game. Let’s talk about failure for a second. I have failed so many times. And I’ve picked myself back up. And it’s not even like, I don’t know, failure is such a strong word. I don’t really look at it as failing. If I’m being completely honest. I genuinely look at it as a learning experience. And it’s just part of the process. You got to go through those many you got you have to go through all those instances where things aren’t going your way in order to finally find the thing that goes your way. So I just sort of like I look at it very different. There have absolutely been failures that were larger than others.

WIIM’s Story and Mission

It’s been really exciting to see WIIM’s growth over the course of the last five months, especially since we launched our collective membership. And I feel like the group has gotten a lot of traction lately. But nothing’s really changed since the beginning. And I wanted to explain just a little bit about our roots and what we’re looking to achieve with the group. So hopefully this episode is a nice refresher about what we’re all about what we’re looking to achieve, and ways that you can get involved. So for anyone completely new to this podcast or this group, WIIM is short for women in influencer marketing, and my name is Jessy and I founded the group. So from the beginning, when I was managing talent at a very large talent agency, I actually started representing actors. I sort of saw the writing on the wall, things seem to be going all non-union and I was at an agency that took a lot of pride in only working on union work. So I wanted to represent a different type of talent, I wanted to do something a little bit more innovative and fresh. So my best friend was the one that actually tipped me off and said, Hey, Jess, you should really look into this influencer thing. I didn’t really know much about it at all. It’s like the dirty little secret. I’m really good at listening, not necessarily coming up with the ideas, but I listened really well. So she tipped me off. I did a bit of research and I proposed the idea to that agency. I said, how about if instead of representing actors, I started a division here that represented social media influencers. So they literally had no idea what I was talking about, nor I think, did they believe it would become something and not because they doubted me. In fact, I think that that’s why they allowed me to try it because they believed in me, which was really wonderful. But I also think that they didn’t understand at all the possibility, nor did I if I’m being completely honest. So signed a few clients simply by reaching out to them on Instagram, completely winged it and tested and learned as I went and print in a few months, certainly within two years, had a full division.

Stop The Late Payments

We’re hearing a lot about payment terms these days. It seems that more people are having to wait longer to get paid so we want to talk about it. 

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