Experiencing churn? Here are 4 tips to retaining clients.

Regardless of what you do or where you work, you have clients. They could be internal stakeholders, managers or supervisors, cross-functional team, or those that are paying the bills — but regardless, you likely have some sort of “client” that you need to foster and maintain relationships with.

Livestream Shopping: The Next Add-To-Cart Frontier

Shopping looks a little different online. The lighting is objectively better and the dressing rooms (for the most part) are less traumatizing in the comfort of your home. By replacing the polite banter with a kind, witty shop assistant, you’re conversing with the famed face of your favorite channel (YouTube not cable). Finding yourself tuned […]

How Brands Can Avoid Cancel Culture by Vetting “High-Risk” Influencers

Many consider Influencer Marketing to be the most honest and impactful way to drive consumers to a brand. Building trust with an audience is the backbone to a successful influencer. How is that relationship affected now that cancel culture has increased? People are more susceptible to getting hurt by a friend than a stranger. When […]

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