Meet The Owners of Influencer.com and @influencer

Today is Memorial Day weekend and I’m a last minute planner. So I’m going to visit some family for like a day or two but then we’re thinking of taking off and spending a couple days somewhere. As always check us out on Clubhouse for all of our Clubhouse events. Check us out on Instagram, our Facebook community, our website, everything. We want to hear from you. I love hearing from you! And if you are interested in joining our collective, which is our membership, you can always use code podcast 2021 for a discount.

Everything Influencer Management

So you’re going to hear from the women behind Shine Influencers today. Emily and Jess are incredible. There are a lot of management companies out there. Every company is going to take a different approach to management. If you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while, you know management is my entryway point into influencer marketing. I have a lot of opinions on how to manage influencers, how to manage an agency (since I had my own), and I can honestly say that I have so much respect for the way that Shine is running their agency.

I Failed This Week

Alright guys, so I am coming here today to talk about the realities, the wins, the failures, and everything in between, about being a small business owner. You are going to get a real dose of reality today. So yeah, real talk number one. I think a lot of small business owners entrepreneurs experience that is not spoken about enough, failure. Guys, this is like a number… like life is a numbers game. Let’s talk about failure for a second. I have failed so many times. And I’ve picked myself back up. And it’s not even like, I don’t know, failure is such a strong word. I don’t really look at it as failing. If I’m being completely honest. I genuinely look at it as a learning experience. And it’s just part of the process. You got to go through those many you got you have to go through all those instances where things aren’t going your way in order to finally find the thing that goes your way. So I just sort of like I look at it very different. There have absolutely been failures that were larger than others.

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