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Website / Instagram Seema Tilak is an intellectual property attorney specializing in digital media law and entertainment. She began her legal career in entertainment litigation, advocating on behalf of celebrities and public figures. Seema now focuses her practice on creatives in the entertainment, social media, and digital landscape as a founding partner of the law […]

Sharma Law LLC

Website / LinkedIn Anita K. Sharma is the founder and managing partner of Sharma Law PLLC. Sharma Law specializes in entertainment law, digital media, talent representation, intellectual property, production legal services, and corporate + commercial law, and is founded on providing practical legal advice that enables enhanced creative freedom and control on the part of the client. […]

Tanya Silverstein

Website / Instagram Tanya Silverstein has built a successful almost two-decade career with a specialty of negotiation of talent endorsements of all sizes on behalf of both brands and talent. Starting her career in public relations and then having a concentration specifically in talent negotiations working with influencers, celebrities, and experts of all sizes, Tanya’s multi-faceted experience […]

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