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Tanya Silverstein has built a successful almost two-decade career with a specialty of negotiation of talent endorsements of all sizes on behalf of both brands and talent. Starting her career in public relations and then having a concentration specifically in talent negotiations working with influencers, celebrities, and experts of all sizes, Tanya’s multi-faceted experience allowed her to develop an intricate and comprehensive understanding of how contracts should be negotiated and devised to enable a win-win for all, for talent as much as the brand, and for the brand as much as the talent.

She now uses her ability to synthesize contract language into easy to understand and digestible content to help both brands and content creators execute more efficient partnerships. Join Tanya for private and group negotiation workshops where you will learn how to read, write, and favorably negotiate your contract. Whether you are a creator, talent manager, or representing a brand, a session with Talent will give you the confidence you need to look at contracts as not a challenge or chore, but as an incredible negotiating tool and opportunity.

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WIIM does have an affiliate relationship with Tanya and we think she has a stellar company

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