China Vs The U.S. With Erica Yang Of Real Hype Creative (@realhypecreative)

Today we’re speaking with Erica Yang of Real Hype Creative. Erica Yang is the founder and CEO of Real Hype Creative, a cross-border venture studio and creative agency. Erica Yang, was an established Wall Street investment banker before she went into the entertainment world and started her film production and celebrity agency. With her success, she expanded and founded Real Hype Creative, a creative agency (invested by TikTok parent company ByteDance), who is disrupting the world of influencer marketing through proprietary data, algorithmic insight, and her team of viral video content specialists. With offices in LA and Shanghai, Real Hype is bringing future-shaping digital creation models overseas to grow brands and celebs, including Steve Aoki, G-Eazy, Akon, and Segway, just to name a few. Through the power of creative short video content, influencers, and e-commerce live streaming, her agency, Real Hype Creative, is a "one-stop shop" for global brand marketing, utilizing the most cutting-edge technology from Web3, NFTs, Virtual Influencers, the metaverse, and more.



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Hey guys, happy 2023. We made it you guys. So 23 is actually my lucky number and it has been since childhood. So I have been very much looking forward to this year. I feel very optimistic about it. Yes, I am that person who kind of believes a little bit in lucky numbers, numerology, like all that woowoo stuff that I don’t admit to just anybody.

it’s fun. It’s fun guys. So I’m excited for 2023. I’m excited about it for you as well though. I wish you all nothing but like. I don’t know, just good vibes all around, like not being crazy with work and being grounded in what you want and setting boundaries. A lot of stuff that we talked about in the last episode, which I do hope that you caught, if you didn’t, listen to this one and then parlay it into that because that was a nice episode that I hope rounded out the year and grounded you because that’s really such a great way to go into the next year. It’s being grounded with, it was like five tips to a healthy and happy 2023. 

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This week’s guest, you guys, this was a really fun episode. I was very intrigued by Erica. So when we, got her on the podcast, I did a deep dive and her history and her professional path is so interesting. 

So her name is Erica Yang. She’s our guest today. She’s the founder and the CEO of Real Hype Creative, which is a cross border venture studio and creative agency.

First she was an established Wall Street investment banker before she went into the entertainment world and started her film production and celebrity agency. Then that was pretty successful. And she s expanded and founded Real Hype Creative, which is a creative agency, disrupting the world of influencer marketing through proprietary data, algorithmic insight, and her team of viral video content specialist.

This agency is so interesting. It’s actually was invested in by Byte Dance, which is the parent company of TikTok. They’ve got offices in LA and Shanghai. And Real Hype is bringing basically like future shaping digital creation models overseas to grow brands celebs, with a whole list of people that I won’t name.

You’ll recognize a ton of ’em, but through the power of creative short video content, influencers and e-commerce live streaming, her agency is a one-stop shop for global brand marketing, utilizing the most cutting edge technology from Web 3, NFTs, virtual influencers, the metaverse and more.

You know, all of those are speaking my language. I was so intrigued by her, I had to have her on the show. So without further ado, and I hope you guys love this episode. Here is Erica Yang. 

All right, so we’re just gonna jump into it. So I’m so excited to meet you, first of all, and have you on the show today. We’ve got, I’ve been like, I saw your website and just just been checking out a lot about what you are working on and everything that you’ve got cooking.

So I’m super excited to get to know you more and just chat about all things that influence marketing today. So first and foremost, how’s your day going? 

[00:06:49] Erica: It’s great. Sunny LA. I love it.

[00:06:54] Jessy: There’s no complaints when the sun is always shining, right? And you’ve been in LA I think about, like you said, seven years, right? 

[00:07:03] Erica: Yes

[00:07:03] Jessy: Awesome. And so maybe that’s a good place to start. I’d love to learn maybe about the earlier years….


Of your life and, how and when that move was facilitated seven years ago and what brought you to the states.

[00:07:18] Erica: Yeah, sounds good. Yeah. So my name is Erica. First of all, it’s my honor to be here with you. I was born and raised in China. I got my education here and then I. First started as an vestment banker on Wall Street and at Credit Swiss actually, I worked there a bunch of years and then I’m always very interested in the, content side of the business and involved with creativity.

So about seven years ago, that was a time of, all the entertainment industry has a really high valuation and I got more involved in the music and film industry. So we started doing a lot of investment banking transaction on that. And then after that I founded a company that’s a film, a distribution and production company.

Basically I do a lot of cross border transaction between US and China. Like we buy a lot of Hollywood movies and we do the distribution in China. We got involved in the production as well, financing a bunch of movies here and then, like near, like pandemic hits, making like a high value production is almost not possible anymore.

And then, people stay so much more online. And then I founded this new company. We still work with the same type of client, but we focus on, creating more interpersonal, more interactive content for celebrities, for brands online, and then connect with them all over the world.

Of course, foremost for China and on the TikTok side of the business. That’s how we started. 

[00:08:57] Jessy: I love that so much, and I think that you’re gonna have a lot of insights that we can glean from you today, especially. A lot of people, in the states, like really look up to social media in places like China.

We hear that social selling and e commerce over there has been, started years and years ago and we’re just trying to catch up. And obviously with all of the hype around, TikTok, knowing that like it got its roots and started, overseas as well, like I feel like there’s a lot for us to learn.

So I’d love to learn a little bit more about your company now and also like its unique relationship with byte Dance. 

[00:09:45] Erica: Yeah, sounds good. Yeah, we, basically my company, we focus more on international, especially, we work for the brands and we work with the client. If they wanna go international.

Say you wanna go to the Chinese market, you are a Hollywood celebrities, you have a huge influence and you wanna do more work over there. We set up your tikTok profile for you. We do your accountant strategy. We have an in-house accountant studio, so then we do that side of business. And also for the brands, you wanna go to Chinese market, so we do the similar and vice versa.

 There are way more international brands wanted to come to United States, and so we do that side of business as well. We pretty much help them with their social media. TikTok Instagram and YouTube you name it we pretty much handle it all but really work very smartly with the algorithm and data, like what’s trending and what’s gonna connect you with your targeted user or your audience.

Our, relationship with Byte Dance we’re very lucky. So the first several months of me founding this new company Real Hype. And we got invested by Byte Dance. So we have a very close relationship.

We, for example, we do like a weekly call. We discuss, what’s trending? How can we work together? How do we work better with the creators and influencers, and how do we help the brands and how do we help them goes global?

And giving you examples. For example, we work with Akon and we work with Steve Aoki, the word renowned dj, and we do, localize, they call localize like a customized content. For them, cater to the Chinese market.

And we also work with TikTok very closely say, what’s trending this week and what can celebrity do that’s gonna help you know, what’s trending this week?

And then how it’s gonna benefit, whatever the brands is trying to promote or how do we create a better profile. So you work closely with TikTok in China. So say, let’s start a campaign together, cause this month is the environmental sustainability month, and how do we create a campaign around that with TikTok and with the celebrity?

And how about healthy living, healthy diet and stuff like that. So we work with Maggie Q, a lot and she’s a very, established international movie star especially, has a massive influence in China. So we work with her a lot about a healthy diet and healthy living. And then we work with Red, that’s like a Chinese version of the Instagram.

We also work with Douyin, that’s it, just TikTok’s sister app called Douyin. We work together. We say, okay, how do we do a collaboration with a bunch of other celebrities and a bunch of other influencers and we make it much more meaningful, impactful to promote, more accessible knowledge and information to the public so we can help them out.

So we do that side of a lot. And on the other side, from the commercial, side of the business we also work, with the brands with TikTok can try to, through the algorithm what would be a meaningful, content that works with algorithm really well that can go viral. So it’s pretty much, it’s like a weekly, ongoing basis through all departments at TikTok.

[00:13:37] Jessy: No, I appreciate that so much. How would you identify like your secret sauce? What makes your company unlike any other company? 

[00:13:49] Erica: I think it’s the key ingredients really understand the algorithm data and then really just creating the content that works with algorithm data that comes with your own years of expertise and also working really close with TikTok.

What are you trying to promote this week and this week you work really well sometimes. Wow. So you actually, you are promoting the same thing, but they really, the algorithm like to promote how to, so basically you teach people how to lose weight or how to do something and then TikTok love it .

And then sometimes next week you figure out, wow, actually. TikTok likes to people, you go accomplish your goal and then you went through hardship and then you accomplished that, and then they really like it.

It still, you’re talking about the same story. You really work with the algorithm data. I think that’s really important. Another secret ingredient, thought is, we work with them closely, but also you have to do a lot of trend and errors.

For example, we’re promoting a scooter. What kind of video would work and you really have to create a lot of different short content. A lot of different categories. Some of them focus on lifestyle. Some of them focus on a daily user like functionality perspective. Sometimes like a fancy shoot.

You really don’t know. You just have to push like as much as you can in a lot of different categories, what kind of hits, and then in a summary, just really know how to create a creative short trending viral video on a daily basis. That’s the key to help with our clients. That’s a brand or that’s a person.

[00:15:33] Jessy: Yeah. No, I appreciate that. I feel like I’m always a little hesitant when talking about viral content or, like beating the algorithm just because it seems a little obscure, so I’m curious like, what would you tell somebody who is trying to learn more about, really mastering the algorithm and and you’re talking about, trends before, like where do they look like, how do they go through trial and error?

Like what does the process look like and what advice would you give? 

[00:16:08] Erica: I think the best to start, say if you are a beauty influencer and you wanna create like a trend environment on the beauty side, I always suggest them to create a small account, not only focus on the beauty content and then you only focus on follow those accounts and you only watch that type of content.

So algorithm, identifying that actually you like that kind of content. So constantly pushing you more and more that type of like viral content. So you know, okay, that’s actually really popular. You start doing just that to gain a little bit popularity. And then you just keep building on top of that, being creative.

I think that’s really the key is you really work with the algorithm. And the way we always do it is, every time we start a new campaign or we work with a new influencer, we create a, we call a matrix accounts. 

So we create a multiple account. Even say using the scooter as example, we create multiple accounts and focus on different kind of side of a scooter and we following those accounts and say what algorithm push you?

Because whatever algorithm push, you tend to be the kind of viral content. So you kinda work with them along with them and then the way you beat with them is, I would create as many as I can in a lot of different category and I’d give a shot and try. And then some of them actually just would organically go viral. 

And then on top of that is you always work way better when you do the collaboration. So, In China it’s actually really popular is every time you try to create some kinda content, you work with a lot of different creator. You start a campaign like simultaneously and then. We have a bunch of examples and for example, we promote a song, we will work with Akon and we work with one big influencer.

We start a campaign with 10 other ones and simultaneously, and then overnight would be a trending number one for a week.

[00:18:15] Jessy: And so that collaboration being really key. No, that’s really helpful. What else? I just feel like I wanna pick your brain a bunch because I feel like, if I may, I would say that your secret sauce in your business is, I would think it’s a unique perspective that you guys have.

I feel like you have a really interesting insight, like seven years, like delving head first into, the US brand partnership market, but you also have all this history in China. Like launching a company there and continuing to do business there. So I would say that your secret sauce, if I may, is just that unique perspective and I would love to gain more of that in this conversation even. 

So, like what other type of best practices do you see in content? Wherever it is, it can be, based here, based there anywhere, but what else, other best practices or successful campaign strategies have you seen? Cause I wanna learn from those. 

[00:19:23] Erica: Yeah, so what I consider the TikTok in China is a little bit ahead of the TikTok here, is the content is is a little, actually much more premium per se.

So for nowadays, if you wanna really stand out, even in the US TikTok, you really have to, do more work on the creative side of it. So for example, do more like scripted content. That actually helps a lot. What China has done is, just imagine it’s like a little, TikTok version of a sitcom or a TikTok version of a TV network, like a HBO TV network, and every individual creator is their own channel.

So now over there is so much more competitive. What happens is if you are one creator and you literally have a team of eight to 10 people, so you have writers and you have a camera, you have editing people, and so your content comes out so much better, and you definitely see…

So that’s what I say, like one thing is just always and keep updated. Watch and learn, and just try to create more like a premium kind of content that would make you definitely. Stay ahead. That’s one. 

And B is always, connect more, being like more interpersonal. So TikTok is always about interpersonal. It’s very different from how Instagram Reel look like Instagram Reel more kind of look like display, right? Very editorial. 

And on the TikTok side is more like, I feel like even though we’re online, but I feel like you’re my friend and I wanna show you. The real me so that’s from that perspective. 

[00:21:12] Jessy: Interesting. No that’s so interesting cause I’m hearing you say this premium type content, but it can still be premium and feel friendly and feel yeah, that warmth to it. That’s so interesting. That’s a really unique perspective. I haven’t really heard that before and I think that’s such a great way of articulating it

. I would be curious on the flip side, what are some things like, what are some missteps that you’re like, oh my God, I can’t believe this person did that. This is obviously not gonna work for a campaign. Basically, what are some things wrong in our industry and what would you do to change them? 

[00:21:49] Erica: I think right now, one thing I would say is, some brands had a made mistake is they say, oh my God, I have product I wanna promote and then I need to work with the biggest influencer has the most, following.

And what it does is they pay somebody who has 30 million followers, they pay them really a lot of money and make a single post, It doesn’t really do anything. It first of all costs a lot, and the second there is no, a lot of connection and I always suggest in the industry is whenever you are trying to look for a creator to promote your brands on TikTok or even on any other social media, this is a key.

You need to find the creator that’s a fit for your brand and then that creator is genuinely organically, embedded with the brand. Understand your value, not just like you pay me, I’ll do a content for you. I find a good fit and then work with them organically and then in the long term basis, and they don’t really need to be big influencer. 

They can be somebody with a few thousand followers, but their content is really genuine and it really would drive, exposure for the brands and then ultimately leads to the sales. And that’s what I always says now, the bigger the better. It’s really the more genuine, more organic the better. 

[00:23:26] Jessy: Yeah. No, I definitely appreciate that. And it definitely reads more authentic when you have an influencer who has a vibe being genuine like you’re saying. No, I think that’s perfect. I’m curious like, you also, have on your website that you represent influencers and have talent management. 

So talk to me a little bit about like how you guys work in that capacity and, what types of influencers you guys work with. 

[00:23:55] Erica: Sounds good. Yeah. I love that side of the business a lot. What we essentially, our team does is, no matter how big an influencer has already grown to say you have 30 million followers, but there will be a time that you went, I call like juice.

You ran out of a creativity, or juice. So the way we work with them is, we work really closely. They come to our office almost on a weekly basis. We have a team of writers to help them with a script writing of how to upgrade their content. That’s one side. Basically we help them a lot with creativity side of that, their overall content strategy.

And the second is we help them get a lot more brand deals and especially the brand deals they can’t get themselves and especially over the international market. The second one. 

And third is we help them with a lot of collaboration with celebrities and with other influencers, and here in the United States and also internationally.

And then in the fourth one, we actually incubate brands for influencer too. For example, today we actually launching a prank box for an influencer. He has 32 million follower and he does pranks. So we come up with a prank box that’s, so we help them in a big spectrum.

 But we don’t tie them up oh, you have to be with us. You’re not allowed to work with anybody else. We genuinely believe that if we truly help them grow and genuinely, and then they would always stick with you.

[00:25:33] Jessy: Got it. So you guys work with influencers in a non-exclusive capacity, is that right?

[00:25:39] Erica: In most cases, yeah. In majority cases we don’t really tie them up and I don’t believe that you can’t tie people up through papers and you can do that. And you know what if they don’t genuine work with it because especially you are dealing with creatives and that we tend to work with them on a more organic basis.

[00:25:59] Jessy: No, I appreciate that actually a lot as a former talent manager and agency owner myself, like it’s definitely something that, managers wonder should I have a one year agreement, a two year agreement, or just a handshake? 

And there’s pros and cons to each, of course. But at the end of the day, if you have people that you’ve built relationships with and you build that trust and you’re doing good business together, that’s definitely a positive thing.

What would you say are some struggles that you guys have experienced from the lens of talent, from the influencer’s perspective? Just to give you a little bit of context. We had an episode like a couple weeks ago on the show, where it was like we covered like a pretty big and really unfortunate scandal in the industry.

It involved talent management from a company that was just like really taking advantage of influencers and giving all of the good managers a really bad name. And I think one of the many things that was just to me personally was, some managers that I spoke to about that and their response was, it’s actually not as uncommon as you would think.

 And it really made me think, I’m like, I know so many incredible management companies that I work with all the time. I actually coach managers.

[00:27:25] Erica: Yeah.

[00:27:26] Jessy: And we see those stories, but it’s unfortunate that there are companies that are mistreating influencers are, just doing a lot of things that are like… This company was like particularly nefarious about, and it leaves influences rightfully so with this unease. Like how do I know that I’m signing with the right management company and how do I know that it’s a good fit?

So I think that that’s a interesting question. I’d like to ask you, from an influencer’s perspective, if they’re looking for new management, who is the best fit for you and your agency? Describe that type of influencer to me. 

[00:28:10] Erica: Oh, we really like to work with the influencer. They genuinely wanna grow and they need help and we can really, truly help them out. So the type of people we prefer is always I like people with a great work ethic.

You show up, show up on time, you do what you say, and then you kinda understand. Nowadays a lot of people, because they’re especially really young. Sometimes some of them are a little bit entitled. So we would tend to stay away from that. We like to choose the ones as really good ethic and then also we genuinely can help and grow.

I don’t wanna tie somebody up, they already have a full on team and then we become an expert there. 

[00:28:58] Jessy: Got it. No, that makes perfect sense. And do you guys tend to focus more specifically on TikTok talent? 

[00:29:05] Erica: Yeah, we focus more on TikTok. It’s like our like, bread and butter in a way cause TikTok is always our investor.

So we have a lot of more ahead of the game kind of schedule. We know like when what’s gonna launch and what feature, how program works. And so we have a lot of more advantage per se in that perspective. 

[00:29:26] Jessy: Awesome. And where do you think there are opportunities for influencers these days? Like for perspective, we talk a lot on the show, a ton about brand partnerships, and that’s been like, to use your term, the bread and butter for most influencers and most talent agencies for the longest time but you also see influencers, like you said, like creating product of their own or branching out and doing television or all sorts of things.

Where are some interesting opportunities that you’ve observed for talent these days that maybe influencers haven’t really noticed enough?

[00:30:03] Erica: Oh, absolutely. I think one of the, if you are say you are a creator, you don’t need to be like a big, if you are really good content creator by itself, there, there is like a huge opportunity ahead.

Once I would say in China, it’s already very established. It’s call a TikTok creator exchange program. And it’s basically, if you are genuinely really good content creator and bunch, your video really hits on TikTok, goes viral pick up by the algorithm. The pay grade is really high. And some, the creator I say in a couple months and they make, $500,000.

And I actually see a lot of them, and even in the United States and that’s one way is just genuine in being a very good content creator. You know how to create a great content that really works well for the brands and works with the algorithm, some of them get picked up. It really goes well as the content creation self.

And then second off, all is of course you, the real opportunity here is, as we evolve creator economy, like creator, almost gonna become a state of itself, right? You have, you are your own meaning like a state of empire, and you need support, right? So you need capital, you need creativity, you need a platform to support you.

So that’s you really need to be as a creator, you really need to be a very business savvy person, be a good businessman and then they evolve on that. On top of that, you can incubate brands for yourself, you can, also shift to a Web3 space. And it doesn’t matter your building influencer like fashion or any other influencer.

You understand how the Web3 side of the business and there’s a lot of opportunity on that side. And also and foremost is the most, actually the biggest opportunity as is live streaming for creators.

One of the biggest creator in China and his name is Austin Li, and we also call him Lipstick King. So this guy, sell like over billions of products in six hours just through live streaming itself. Not on TikTok, on Taobao. It’s a different platform, but it’s incredible. 

 Because this is also one of the TikTok’s major mission, which has done really successful in China. So the TikTok here and really are also trying to push the livestream and shopping to the public as soon as they can.

[00:32:35] Jessy: That is fascinating to me, like the live streaming component. So it’s interesting because like is that specific platform just for live streaming or is it like TikTok where you can live stream? You could post like tell us a little bit more about that platform. 

[00:32:49] Erica: Yeah. The live streaming, it’s actually on the TikTok. So people still go into TikTok and on the upper left corner, there’s a live button. You click on that’s like a hundreds of live streaming rooms there. So it’s the same platform, same app you post, you can comment and you can go to livestream and you can shop. 

[00:33:12] Jessy: Got it. Okay. I thought you were saying that this person that you were mentioning, like they live stream on a different platform, so it’s on TikTok you’re saying?

[00:33:20] Erica: Yeah,yeah.

[00:33:21] Jessy: Oh, perfect. Okay. I definitely would love to dig into live streaming a little bit because when you were saying earlier how like the keys to success for, any influencer partnership is just like that influencer being, warm, friendly. There’s that sort of like that quality and I can only imagine that sort of quality coupled with a couple other things that come to mind would be really most compelling for live streaming.

It’s like the epitome of sales. Person who is equally compelling, but also friendly, and you just like very naturally infuse whatever it is that you’re selling as part of that. So like the people that you have observed who are really good at live streaming, how much of the time would you say they’re like selling versus it’s just like about chitchatting and like you’re talking to a friend.

[00:34:26] Erica: Yeah, it’s actually really depends and I see like successful examples in many different scenarios. Some of them are you live stream with them in a very consistent basis and you talk with your fans and you become really close friends with them and they just generally love organic sales.

And there’s also, all they care about is just do like a selling, but because they’re so entertaining and they also sell good product, and then you also are very consistent about what you do. And then there’s like really successful examples on that. So basically it’s, there is not like a specific rules, like what makes a very successful live streamer.

And then at the end of the day, it is just really what you do on a live stream. And you can keep your audience engaged and then in the content you are delivering are very meaningful. And then you sell great product and people always gonna come back. And then I mentioned one word, consistency in the livestreaming, you need to, if you really wanna do livestream, you need to do on a very regular basis.

The more you do it, the more likely the algorithm would identify you as a serious person, and then you get to push more to the audience. 

[00:35:46] Jessy: Yeah. And so if you were advising a brand and they were considering doing some live streaming partnerships with an influencer, but they’re like, oh, I don’t know. We’re very used to having, like more of a traditional post, or real, or a TikTok, but live streaming is its own thing. What would you suggest they keep in mind or questions, would you ask them to make sure that they’re positioned really well to do a live streaming partnership? 

[00:36:19] Erica: As live streaming is still in an infant stage in United States, it’s not gonna generate you like a massive sales that you haven’t seen in China. So you wanna tell them, hey, first of all, you’re gonna have a lot of organic audience watching you, so you going to have a pretty good brand exposure and then that would ultimately needs a good sale. But you’re not gonna say like a huge sales on day one, especially for a lot of, smaller brands, unknown brands. And you need to, tell them that.

And the second of all, is there’s a lot to learn the brands need to learn about. This is, it’s an ongoing efforts and literally as freaking as possible that you can do live streaming on TikTok and that would actually, I call, like a consistency, that would make it a very successful.

[00:37:07] Jessy: Definitely. And before we like end today’s conversation, we’re in a really exciting time. It’s the end of the year and I think that a lot of people are anticipating a big year 2023 for a lot of us influencer marketers. Sure. The economy is a little up in the air and I think that like people are a little weary of budgets, but I’m really optimistic.

 I’d love to poll our guests about predictions. So I’ll keep it pretty broad, but are there any sort of predictions that you predict in terms of influencer marketing for the year 2023? 

[00:37:47] Erica: I am also very optimistic and I’m very positive as well, and I would say in the United States, I’ll talk about from a specific TikTok perspective. So in 2023, TikTok shop is gonna go live. 

And basic means you can use, your credit cards and PayPal, Venmo, and doing a transaction inside a TikTok shop. And a lot of brands are gonna join that. And ultimately they’re also gonna open like an Instagram shop for influencer. You’re going to say TikTok shop for TikTokers as well.

So that, that side of business, and we call 360 close the loop inside a TikTok, that’s pretty much 2023 is happening. So that actually leads like a very popular thing we call like a short video, marketing. So now because you had a TikTok shop and then as an influencer you can post more videos and that videos of organic has some kind of product description in it, and then on top of that video you see a shopping cart. So that shopping cart and you, oh, I really like whatever he’s wearing. You click on that shopping cart that needs to the take time shop and you actually can make purchase.

And then of course on that. On top of that, I truly believe live streaming. Eventually gonna become a thing. You are gonna see more, way more people coming into the space and doing live streaming a lot on TikTok. And of course Instagram Live and a bunch of independent platform. They also are doing live streaming as well. 

[00:39:23] Jessy: So good. I so appreciate those insights. I think that we’ll have to touch base next year and see how many of those came to life, but I think there’s such great insights and I’m super optimistic for next year. I’m glad to hear that you are too. 

It’s been such a pleasure chatting with you. I really appreciate your perspective and, for anyone in our audience who wants to get in touch, is there a social media, that you would like to share? 

[00:39:51] Erica: Yes, please follow us on Real Hype Creative. That’s our Instagram handle.

Follow us out there and we have a website called realhype.com. So follow us out there and then you can reach us there. 

[00:40:05] Jessy: Perfect. All right. Thank you so much, Erica. It was really nice having you on today. And for all of you guys listening, thank you so much and we’ll see you next. If you enjoyed this episode, we gotta have you back. Check out our website for more ways to get involved, including all the information you need about joining our collective. You can check out all the information at iamwiim.com. Leave us a review, a rating, but the most important thing that we can ask you to do is to share this podcast. 

Thanks for listening. Tune in next week.

Erica Yang


Erica Yang is the founder and CEO of Real Hype Creative, a cross-border venture studio and creative agency. Erica Yang, was an established Wall Street investment banker before she went into the entertainment world and started her film production and celebrity agency. With her success she expanded and founded Real Hype Creative, a creative agency (invested by TikTok parent company ByteDance), who is disrupting the world of influencer marketing through proprietary data, algorithmic insight, and her team of viral video content specialists. With offices in LA and Shanghai, Real Hype is bringing future-shaping digital creation models overseas to grow brands and celebs, including Steve Aoki, G-Eazy, Akon, and Segway, just to name a few. Through the power of creative short video content, influencers, and e-commerce live streaming, her agency, Real Hype Creative, is a “one-stop shop” for global brand marketing, utilizing the most cutting-edge technology from Web3, NFTs, Virtual Influencers, the metaverse, and more.

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