10 Instagram FAQ Links You No Longer Have to Dig For

First and foremost, definitely make sure that you're following at creator on Instagram. I love that they don't refer to them as influencers but they are creators of good choice, Instagram. And they went live on three separate days, three separate conversations and really had a level of transparency that I have not seen Instagram share and maybe ever. And so I've had subsequent conversations with people about like, what's that all about?



Did you know that Instagram used to have a customer service phone number?? It actually still exists (!!) but when you call it you can’t talk to a real person. Yes, we called.

Bonus: Read this story all the way through to find the actual phone number to Instagram

Instead of immediate support (like millions of other companies provide) the phone prompts direct you to their website. Ugh, what we would do to reach a real human being on their payroll…

We get so many questions from our community like “how can I get my creator verified?” and “this creator’s account got hacked… what can we do?”. 

As of October 2021 some creators can open up a chat session directly with Instagram. This was a huge update that’s being rolled out slowly. Watch this reel that shows you how it works (it was created by our awesome member Lissette Calviero).

For the rest of us who don’t have support access yet, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the most frequently asked Instagram questions with direct links from the source.

Let’s jump into it.

How do I get a verification badge?

Hungry for that  ‘blue check’ mark? Verified badges help people more easily find the public figures, celebrities and brands they want to follow. Are you looking to get verified? Everything you need to know is here.

Someone has a username that I own the trademark to. How do I claim that username?

A trademark is a word, slogan, symbol or design (for example: a brand name or logo) that a person or company uses to distinguish their products or services from those offered by others. Report the account by going here

Is there more we can do with stories?

Instagram stories are a major way to create engagement on Instagram. If you’re not instructing your influencers to use stickers you’re majorly missing out. Learn more about story features you may not know about here.

What music can I use in my reels?

Reels are the biggest thing  on Instagram since TikTok turned up the heat. Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels don’t  disappear after 24 hours and are being heavily promoted by the platform..

Add music and effects to your Reels using the instructions here.

How do I schedule an Instagram Live and invite people? 

Live streams can feel complex, not to mention scary for those on camera. e Now we can rehearse in practice mode, schedule live broadcasts, and get prepared before being in front of an audience.

Want to get all of the details?? Click here.

How do I upload videos from my computer and what are the specs?

What are the ideal video upload requirements for Instagram? Should I go with 4K or a standard 1280p x 720p? What dimensions should the cover images be? Learn more about uploading Instagram videos here.

A creator’s Instagram account was hacked. What can they do?

If you think your account has been hacked or taken over, there are several actions you may be able to take to secure your account. Some of these recovery steps may not be available to you depending on the type of account you’re trying to recover, but we recommend trying them all. Read more here

How do you set up two factor authentication (2FA)?

You may have heard of a horror story where a huge Instagram account was hacked and is being held for ransom. Unfortunately this happens more often than you may be aware of. Make sure to always enable 2 factor authentication by clicking here

How do I reactivate my Instagram if it was deactivated?

If you’ve done nothing against Instagram’s community guidelines you can petition your case and report your issue here.

What monetization features do I have?

Creator Studio not only brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, and track performance of content across all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts but many creators have access to monetization tools they didn’t even know about. This is where to find out what you have access to.

Hope you enjoyed our round up! And yes, we know you still want to try calling Instagram so here’s that number: 1-650-543-4800.


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