Self Awareness

Hello, Hello, everyone. Dang, this has been like equally a great week but also like kind of a chaotic week. So, I’ve been having major construction going on, literally outside of my window. They’re like redoing all the balconies on everybody’s apartment. It’s unbearable. I mean, they’re literally drilling into concrete right outside of my window. I’ve got my sound on hundred and I can’t even hear it if my ear is like up to a speaker. So, Oh my god, it’s just… it’s been a lot. Also close my balcony like right before the summer. I’m a little bummed about that but in great news, I just got fully vaccinated as of yesterday. So yay, I’m excited and optimistic that both the construction will inevitably end and that like my risk of getting Coronavirus will inevitably end in about two weeks once my body is like 95% immune to Coronavirus yay. So I do think this information is so important to share. I had heard a ton of stuff about a side effects after the first vaccine, after the second vaccine. Like what everybody felt. I wanted to share my own experience hoping that it’s valuable to somebody listening.

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