Social Audio Gets Competitive

There have been a lot of developments in terms of new platforms in the social audio space. It’s getting a little competitive, which I love. I think it’s so cool. I mean, let’s think back when TikTok came on the scene, no longer musically and has legitimately changed social media, possibly forever. It’s the coolest thing. I love seeing somebody come out the gates and sort of like kick everybody in the rear end to get their act together. I think it’s wonderful to have competition. And it’s doing nobody favors to have Instagram and YouTube just be like the top two and such a monopoly.

Influencer Tech, Podcasts, and Clubhouse

It’s Women’s History Month, guys. Isn’t that exciting. This is a month that we look forward to every year, it’s a month that we get to celebrate how awesome we are, which is always really fun. And we’re coming off a Black History Month. So there’s lots to celebrate. We also have a few upcoming events, I always want to do a roundup of those. So first and foremost, our website is where everything is (you’re here!). So of course you can go to www.iamwiim/events and you could check out the whole lineup yourself. 

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