Influencer Tech Predictions

Today we are chatting with Brit Starr, who’s the SVP at Tribe Dynamics, and she’s actually been with them for about four years now. So Tribe Dynamics, they’re the most comprehensive influencer marketing analytics platform for iconic lifestyle brands. They’ve worked with the likes of Gucci, Benefit, ColourPop, boohoo, Sephora. And what I actually find pretty unique about them on G2, a really cool website, they were voted the number one easiest to use influencer marketing platform. I appreciate that on their website, when you check it out, it really is all about the analytics, and we dive into that in today’s conversation. But anyways, a little bit more about Brit. One of the fun facts about her is that she hosts workshops for leadership and management teams at brands of all different sizes. And she actually said this was her favorite part of her job. And you’ll definitely get a sense of that as you listen to this week’s chat.

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