How Much Money Does She Really Make?

First and foremost, definitely make sure that you're following at creator on Instagram. I love that they don't refer to them as influencers but they are creators of good choice, Instagram. And they went live on three separate days, three separate conversations and really had a level of transparency that I have not seen Instagram share and maybe ever. And so I've had subsequent conversations with people about like, what's that all about?



“How much does she really make?” Such a juicy question right?

Before we jump into it I need to impart a mind shift: always think in terms of total comp. Someone who receives a $50,000 salary could also get a $150,000 bonus. That same person could also have stock options which could equal a multiple of both of these numbers combined.

“But who shares any of that information?? I’ve worked in influencer marketing for years and I’ve only gotten drips and drabs of information about salary. I’m starting to interview for a new job and I have no idea what I’m worth. SOS!”

Side note: if you’re a freelancer jump to our blog to learn what freelancers should charge.

Today we stop the lack of transparency. I’m determined to gather the most amount of data on salaries and benefits of influencer marketers. The key is banding together and getting the word out. If we all contribute then we all benefit.

Simply fill out this brief survey. It’ll take less than 5 minutes and it’s completely anonymous. Then keep an eye out on WIIM who will share the results once we have enough data.


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