3 Amplification Strategies for Brands

Marketing budgets are stretched thin. Every year teams are asked to do more with less. Brands looking to improve their marketing ROI in 2020 should look no further than adding influencer marketing to their marketing strategy.



Marketing budgets are stretched thin. Every year teams are asked to do more with less. Brands looking to improve their marketing ROI in 2020 should look no further than adding influencer marketing to their marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is the art of connecting brands and the powerful voices of digital content creators. Each piece of content created by an influencer integrates a brand’s messaging in order to connect and motivate potential customers. This connection helps to drive authentic conversations around a product message, conclusively driving awareness and engagement. Because influencer marketing is often compared to word-of-mouth advertising, the messages often feel more authentic.

Social media influencers create quality content to share with their followers, often the brand’s target customers. However if that content exists solely on the influencers channels, there is often a “decay” rate over time. When a campaign includes content amplification strategies, the ROI expands exponentially over time as content is repurposed, further increasing engagements. Brands can use a variety of content amplification tools to promote the influencer content that has already proven effective.

Plan to Re-Gram

A plant-based milk brand tackled their influencer marketing campaign by incorporating both macro and micro-influencers. The brand contracted 150 influencers and sent each influencer four different flavors to experience and create content around.

The micro-influencers each shared their content in their Instagram feed and on their Instagram stories. The brand understood the value they were getting from the influencers and included brand amplification in their strategy. The brand is sharing influencer stories on its Instagram feed and in the future will be re-gramming influencer content, all with the intent to extend the life of the work.

Invest in High-Quality Production

A leading flavored beverage brand understands the relationship between brands and influencers. Recently they launched an influencer campaign that began with an investment in production. The campaign was designed to produce commercial-quality content with influencers creating original cocktails and mock-tails.

The brand allowed the content creators to develop original recipes and invested in a third-party production team to produce the video content. The final content pieces were not only shared on the influencer’s social channels but also on the brand’s Instagram page. The campaign was designed to create content that could be used by both the influencer and the brand. As a result, it quickly became one of the most engaged Instagram posts of all time on the brand’s Instagram page.

Repurpose By Retargeting

Many brands turn to Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) to create custom ads featuring influencer content. This amplification tactic drives new eyes to an influencer’s great content, resulting in new engagement opportunities and a larger share of voice. These custom ads can be served to precise targeted audience segments, extending the influencer’s reach and scale.

By pursuing relevant internet traffic, brands can repurpose the third-party content that exists on the influencer’s channels. This strategy not only benefits the brand but also supports the influencer by driving a new audience to their pages.

Brands looking to amplify content produced by influencers should begin by following industry best practices. Begin by defining amplification plans during the influencer recruitment process. This provides transparency up front. Influencers may require a slight increase to their traditional rate when the brand plans to amplify. However, the longer-term value is often worth the brand’s incremental investment.

There are a myriad of content amplification strategies to aid brands in their influencer-driven investments. Consider goals and which tactic can generate the largest impact to your ROI.


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At a young age, Tami Nealy remembers her mom telling her that she talked too much. All of that talking has paid dividends today with nearly two decades of experience working in corporate communications. Tami began her career working in professional sports before transitioning to the corporate world. During her seven years leading the corporate communications team at LifeLock, she executed hundreds of interviews as a corporate spokesperson, launched a partnership with the FBI’s Law Enforcement Education Development Association and helped lead the company to IPO. Following, she pivoted to supporting education technology organizations before joining Find Your Influence in August 2018.

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