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  • Nickey Rautenberg
    Nickey Rautenberg
    Digital Marketing Pro + Trainer | Influencer Marketing Consultant | Experienced Paid Media Buyer

    Passionate about revenue generation and growth through B2B & B2C exchanges using Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing via athletes, and Social Media engagement. Visionary with proven experience leading transformational digital initiatives; leveraging customer insights, and market dynamics, with a relentless pursuit for delivering personalized experiences and business solutions.

    Responsible for increasing her NHL clients’ social following by 16.2% and helping them maintain an average engagement rate of 15% in 2020.

    Focused on producing quality, educational content around the paid partnership space for athletes and facilitating positive relationships with brands on their behalf.

    Responsible for helping to scale 2 startups beyond the $50M mark.
    Experience in personally managing over $7M in ad spend on various platforms and creating significant ROI or ROAS for clients.

    Strength in strategy creation and execution focusing largely on analytics. Unique ability to translate a vision for social media marketing into an actionable digital strategy. Driven to showcase stand-out branding, calculated content, and creative campaigns largely using media buying (paid traffic) and organic strategies.

    Agency, in-house and entrepreneurial consulting experience; includes managing teams to generate strong results against key metrics while being committed to acting as a coach and mentor, hosting workshops for teams of up to 500 members, and traveling the globe as a speaker on all things digital.

    A knack for clearly communicating elements of search engine optimization, social media advertising, and the need for a full circle plan that encompasses organic and paid methods of promoting your brand or business on the internet to ensure return on investment, plus engagement.

    Expert in social media ads, SEO, and an organized ability to balance multiple content initiatives or social media platforms.


Sep 21


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Paid Ads Made Easy

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You know that paid ads will maximize the reach of branded content, but how much do you really know about paid ads? Boosted content? What is the difference? Pros and cons to each?

Nickey Rautenberg breaks it down so that by the end of her masterclass you feel confident in speaking about it and even exploring some of it yourself.

This event is best for managers and influencers, but anyone with an interest in paids ads will learn from it.

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