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  • Johanna Voss
    Johanna Voss
    Talent Manager, JOHANNA B VOSS AGENCY

    I’m a talent agent who represents successful keynote speakers female micro-influencers who individually have a reach into the hundred’s of thousands with high levels of engagement on their social media platforms. I work with my clients to identify ideal brands and partnerships while managing the process of collaborating with international, national and local brands. I work closely with my clients to help them build their personal brands.

    I also represent successful female keynote speakers and manage the negotiation process when opportunities come to them.

    I pitch all my clients for events and conferences, to agencies and brands and any opportunity that aligns with their personal brand, mission, story and platform. It’s really important to me to build and maintain relationships with people I meet – be it agency contacts, event organizers, other keynote speakers and influencers.

    I work closely with brands, agencies and event organizers to find the right fit for their campaigns and events.

    My Social Media Influencer clients are all successful 6-figure entrepreneurs, best selling authors, Emmy Nominated TV hosts, CEOs and documentary film makers. My Keynote Speaker clients are CEOs, former Corporate Executives, Government Leaders, Political Thought Leaders, Amazon Best Selling Authors and Experts in their field.


Apr 07


5:00 pm

9 Tools She Uses to Run Her Talent Agency

11 year entrepreneur Johanna Voss, will pull back the Zoom curtain and do a BTS screen share, walking you through 9 tools she uses daily to run her talent agency. It’s because of these tools that she’s able to manage successful influencers, to stay sane, to keep grey hairs at bay and to ensure none of the balls in the air fall to the ground.

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