Published March 15, 2022

The Influencer marketing industry is constantly changing; Over the years, we have seen  advancements in technology, shifts in social media platforms, and an evolution in the skills of influencers and creators. We’ve had quite a journey!  

Jump forward to 2022, the second year of the world-changing pandemic, the main challenge influencer marketers face is the pressure to quantify the business impact of influencer activations.   While we know some influencers can inspire their followers to take action, many marketers are still only tracking metrics like reach, likes, shares or engagement rate.  The question is why?

Shouldn’t we know better by now?  Shouldn’t we be requesting deeper metrics?  

In reality,there is no ‘one-size-fits-all” solution.  Most of us agree  that influencer marketing is an awareness play, but is that even true?? If  influencers can convert they create content that drives customers down the sales funnel. How can we establish a more robust way to measure success? I have a few thoughts on how to prioritize your measurement framework.

Set Up KPIs and Goals at the Onset

There is a tendency to get excited and jump directly into the partnership without a strong campaign foundation.  Start by defining the output of your campaign, then use this understanding to inform the platforms you activate against, the types of influencers you partner with, and how the campaign runs.

Ensure the Creative Matches the Campaign Goals

The success of your creative depends on the environment. There are many variations of creative  such as the type of content (video vs. static), even more specifically the length of video content, what CTAs or messaging are included, and how the product is showcased. When planning an influencer campaign, maintain platform best practices while outlining deliverables and creative direction with the influencer.  

Repeat, Replicate, and Test Campaigns

Each campaign is different and has varying outcomes depending upon platforms, creative, frequency and a plethora of other factors including the influencers themselves.  Armed with this information, keep in mind that your strongest asset is ongoing content measurement.Monitoring your content performance in real time (both organically and in a paid capacity) will inform strategic campaign decisions moving forward.  Reengage top performing influencers and/or update briefs to ensure you are working with trusted partners that know the brand and create content you know will convert.  By consistently testing and reevaluating what is successful for your brand, you will become more cost and time efficient. 

Crystal Duncan

Crystal Duncan

Senior Vice President, Head of Influencer Marketing, Tinuiti

Crystal has spent 15 years in the Influencer world – she started working in the Influencer space before it was even called Influencer Marketing!

To start her career, she spearheaded growth and shaped the industry at Influencer pioneer IZEA. Later, she oversaw a US Influencer team at PR giant, Edelman. Now, Crystal is leading and growing the performance-based Influencer team at Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm.

Crystal has worked with some of the country’s largest brands in both the consumer and B2B space on Influencer and Social-driven programs. Her expertise ranges from top tier talent like Celebrity or Internet Stars, all the way through the execution of programs at scale through Micro or Nano Influencers.

She has also run fully integrated programs outside of just online social activation such as partnering with influencers as talent on video or photo shoots, leveraging influencer assets through paid media or owned marketing tactics, and even worked with Influencers for in-person experiential events.

Crystal is also considered a thought leader in the space speaking at conferences and events like Ad:Tech, Masterclassing, Social Media Week and PRSA events, as well as Influencer specific events such as BlogHer, TBEX, Dad2.0, Everything Food Conference and Haven Conference.

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